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Don't just choose any pet boarding. Give your pet the best experience!
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How We Are Different

There are many reasons we are different but here's a list of some of the most important reasons picked by our many customers.

  • Live Webcams
  • Pet Playtime
  • Dog Walking
  • Pays Personal Attention to Every Pet

As you can see we care for each and every pet that stays with us at the lodge. Don't forget to make an appointment today!

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Our Services

Pet Lodging

We don't just board your pet, we turn it into a true pet lodge experience! Our trained staff has studied for many years specializing in pet care.

Pet Massage

We also offer pet massages that will help your pet if they suffer from aching joints and hip dysplasia. This is a new service but has received positive comments especially when coupled with joint supplements.


We offer pet grooming as well. We have an excellent grooming staff that has many years of experience learning the fine art of pet grooming.