Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary

Our Mission

Our foremost at Nana’s is to provide a safe and secure home for our animal residents where they can live out their lives in happiness and eventually, die with dignity.

To this end, many of our animals are allowed free run of the grounds while we try to recreate natural settings for the others, more often than not resorting to using natural materials around us for example using bamboo stalks and attap


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Why Rescue


Most rescue dogs have already been taught basic obedience and are working on being housebroken. Will you still have to committ time to training? Of course, just like you would with any dog. But you will be one step ahead if you decide to rescue.

Veterinary Care

Most Rocket Dogs have already been spayed or neutered before you’ll ever meet them, making adopting a better choice if you have a limited budget. We also make sure our dogs are current on their shots and tested for heartworm. It’s always possible that health problems may arise after adoption, but we try our best to prepare our dogs for an easy, healthy transition into their adoptive home.


Most rescue dogs have had a rough start. Because of this, they truly blossom into loving, confident companions in the right environment. When treated kindly, rescue dogs will form a lifelong bond with you and be forever grateful for their new happy life.

Temperament & Behavior Testing

Rocket Dog performs temperament and behavior testing at the shelter to make sure our rescue dogs are adoptable. Unfortunately, we can’t save every dog, so we focus on saving the dogs who wll transition well into foster care and ultimately their forever home. There’s a big misconception that all rescue dogs are problem dogs, but it’s just not true. So many of the dogs that we’ve rescued and adopted out have been ideal companion animals; they all just need a little time to feel safe, secure, and loved before they come out of their shell.

$30 Saves a Life

Your donation helps homeless pets find a loving homes, provides affordable veterinary care, and secures pet food for those who need it most.

Noahsarklodge sanctuary is a non-profit, volunteer operated organization.
Your donations big or small will make a difference in the lives of dogs in our care.